Labels and Crafts

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If you feel like you've exhausted your gift basket repertoire, give it a fresh update with jars of summer fruit! Homemade preserves make sweet year-round gifts for any occasion. Check out our specially designed labels and craft ideas for a personalized final touch as beautiful as the fruit.


Label download instructions

  • Each label below was created by a talented designer, just for the enthusiastic friends of
  • Click the “download link” under the desired design for a PDF version formatted to work with Avery labels 8163 (2” x 4” rectangular labels) or Avery labels 5294 (2.5” diameter round labels).
  • Once you’ve downloaded into the PDF, some software may allow you to customize the labels using text boxes. Or, simply print and write on the labels as you see fit.


Elegant Ambiance

Homemade jams or chutneys make heartfelt wedding favors that can be dressed to match any color or theme. Simply add a swatch of fabric and pretty ribbon at the top. Bonus: label the jars with guests’ names and have them double as place cards. Label by

 Download PDF here


Retro Spin

This retro-patterned label is complete with cursive “homemade,” reinforcing the love and effort that went into the treats. Simply drop in the name of your recipe, and you’ve got a cool gift for recipients from any era. Label by

Download PDF here


All-Occasion Card

This sweet and simple label design is perfect for your own pantry, or to easily grab off the shelf and give as a gift anytime. The provided lines leave room to handwrite the recipe name and date for customization. Label by

Download PDF here


Fall Perfection

Nothing conjures up the bounty of the earth like the feeling of a fall harvest. These colorful leaf-inspired labels are the perfect topper or gift tag for your canned fruits, and pair great with yarn and felt accents in matching hues. Label by

Download PDF here


Holiday Hits

Dress up traditional jars for the holidays with these bold, modern labels for a fancy touch. Use contrasting ribbons to accent the jars, and disperse individually or in colorful sets. The center is left blank to include a handwritten or typed seasons greeting of your own. Label by

Download PDF here


Modern Preservation Art

Give Grandma’s recipes a facelift by substituting sleek glass jars, and accenting with this modern label. Add sparkly embellishments from the local craft store to further jazz up the package. Label by

Download PDF here


Mark the Calendar

Don’t forget a job well done – use this calendar label to commemorate your canning date, and keep the pantry organized. Alternatively, give it in recognition of a special occasion – such as births, weddings, anniversaries and more – and the calendars add a fun way to mark the date.

Download PDF here


Summer Delights

Nothing says summer more than ice tea, ocean breezes and a jar of luscious peach jam. Pass around the seasonal bounty and, of course, save a jar or two for yourself. Label design by:

Download PDF here


Art Deco

Tap into the retro flair of canning with this fantastic art deco pattern of contrasting black and white. Adorning the top of classic mason jars, these stylish labels are the perfect cap for delicious sweet and savory preserves. Label design by:

Download PDF here


Candy Stripes

Ditch the fruit cake this winter for a more inspired, unique holiday gift. Use this charming label to personalize a jar of brandied cherries from the pantry, and as an added touch, tie a mini candy cane around the neck. Label design by

Download PDF here


Just For You

With vibrant blues and scalloped edges, this label is the perfect way to dress up a jar of sweet, jammy filling and make someone feel special – just because. Label design by

Download PDF here


Handpicked for the Host

As the saying goes, never show up empty handed! With these simple and sweet labels, there’s always a quick stash of homemade gifts for the host of any party in any season. Label designed by

Download PDF here


Springtime Gifting

Making a great springtime gift, this refreshing color palette brings to mind the promise of coming summer. Indulge your palate with a taste of summer fruits and look forward to another season of preserving at the peak of ripeness. Label designed by

Download PDF here


Hippie Chic

Give mason jars a groovy boost with this 70s-inspired label. The vintage feel and golden apricot color are the perfect addition to cans of summer preserves – bell bottoms and hair braids optional. Label designed by

Download PDF here


Simple Thanks

Use this custom label to thank a friend for a kind gesture, or simply pay it forward with a random act of jamness. Use the blank to write a personal message under the “made with love” tagline, and recipients are sure to eat it up. Label designed by

Download PDF here


How About Orange

Add a modern twist to tasty summertime preserves with these graphic orange and white customizable labels. A perfect adornment for small canning lids or punch a hole in the top and tie them to a jar with baker's twine to make a fantastic gift. Label designed by

Download PDF here


Colorful Preservation Pack

Welcome neighbors and congratulate friends with something sweet. Grab a basket, spray paint it your favorite color, then pack with savory homemade spreads and jams in a variety of colors. A fresh, inspired gift the recipient is sure to love.


Favors with Flavor

Offer a party favor with staying power! Perfect for birthdays, babies and wedding showers, send guests away with your homemade preserves. To thematically match the party, lay a swatch of muslin fabric over the top, then wrap with strips of felt cut with shearing scissors.