WSFC History

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The Washington State Fruit Commission, a state agency,  was founded in 1947 and is funded by grower assessments for the purpose of promotion, market development, research, and education for soft fruits grown in Washington State.


Fruit representation has shifted over the years. Peaches, prunes, plums, cherries, and apricots were included in the original law and nectarines were added in 1984. The commission promoted Italian Prunes as Northwest Prune Plums with Oregon and Idaho from the 1960s through 1983. As of 1984, Washington began promoting other plum varieties and promotions were defined as Washington Prunes and Washington Plums.


Northwest sweet cherry growers had been informally promoting their sweet cherries together for several years, but in the 1950s, Washington and Oregon sweet cherry growers joined in formal promotions. Idaho joined in 1966, at which time the Northwest Cherry Growers was officially organized. Utah joined in 1967 and Montana joined in 2008.